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Nov 24, 2009 7:00pm EST
. there is a symbiotic relationship going on. the chinese need to buy the treasuries in order to ensure america stay ace float, in order to ensure that we suck in what they produce. >> i don't know that they have to buy the treasuries. as long as they buy dollars, if they shouldn't buy the treasuries, they're stuck with them. that takes them out of circulati circulation. the fed could turn around and print the same dollars again. there has to be a recalibration of kurn spips i think there's an expectation of summary valuation. its will not be of the order of magnitude necessary to correct the imbalances in the global economy. 5% to 10%, when you really need something much more dramatic than that and sustained over time. >> if i gave you $1,000 tonight to invest for your children in five year, where would you put it? >> i would put it in the u.s. stock market. i believe one way or another, we will find a way around this mess. if china doesn't revalue, we may end up doing it for them through some means like taxing dollar-yuan conversions. at some point, this situation will become intolerable. once that ha
Nov 20, 2009 7:00pm EST
. a merrill lynch financial advisor, now with access to the resources of bank of america, can help you diversify, rebalance, imagine, and believe. >> the senate is gearing fup ar a key health care socialism. we'll told steve handlesman joins us now with the full story. hello, steve. >> senate democrats say they're not assuming anything. and here on capitol hill, snog a lock until it's actually done. but to a lot of insiders up here, this is looking like a democratic win tomorrow night. as debate foerps clotur cloture reid needs every democrat to vote yes. >> i've only been asked 30 or 40 times do you have 60 votes? we're not assuming a thing. we're working hard to get all democrats together. holdout ben nelson says he'll vote aye. he insisted that insurance companies not be stripped of the antitrust kpempgs they enjoy. arkansas's blanche lincoln, seeking re-election in 2010, under a lot of pressure from both sides will not say how she will vote. moderate montana democrat max baucus won't see for sure if he'll return to washington tomorrow night. and louisiana's mary landrieu has not co
Nov 23, 2009 7:00pm EST
. >>> and the emerging rift between democrats on how to get america back to work. the question is, can we afford another job spill? fasten your seatbelts. "the kudlow report" starts right no now. >>> good evening. i'm simon hobs. larry kudlow has the night off. not one but two fed presidents leave the market no doubt america's central bangles will be the last to tighten the policy stocks rally 132 points to close at a high for 2009. gold is higher with another record. and that is while existing homes sell at the fastest rate in over two years. here's the rundown on today's market action. scott has a full report. >> reporter: it was the dollar driving the direction of gold. at one point at 11.70 an ounce. it pulled back a bit but all of the metals on the back of the weak dollar had a stellar day. silver, platinum and copper hitting new highs today. other commodities doing quite pell as well. oil and energy stocks up, too. salai securities upping their 2010's earning target. even health care stocks, one of the best-performing sectors today, despite the fact that the health care reform debate moves to the
Nov 19, 2009 7:00pm EST
advisor, now with access to the resources of bank of america, can help you diversify, rebalance, imagine, and believe. looks like we're in for a bumpy ride. go ahead, ignore me. but in this turbulent market, you're going to need help... protecting some of your assets for retirement. an axa equitable annuity could give you... guaranteed income for life. i'd call them, but what do i know? i'm just the 800-pound gorilla in the room. don't worry. i'm here. want guaranteed income for life? axa equitable is redefining what you expect from annuities. ooh, peanuts. >> all right, this time the last word is with lou dobbs. i'm larry kudlow. the fedral reserve is really bailing the banks out and t.a.r.p. is bailing the banks out. is there a main street populist revolt against this? should it stop? >> not yet, but you could have saved all those trillions of dollars if we had just substituted imaginative and knowledgeable leadership a year ago. in both the case of t.a.r.p. as well as fed policy that sent trillions of taxpayer dollars into the private economy. >> we may pay the piper for that. >> we a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4